The Gunj India Rickshaw

The Gunj: A Year in India

The Gunj – a strange and unlikely name for a burst of personal freedom and an afternoon of culinary delight. Nineteen years old, I had traveled halfway around the world to study at a girls’ college in India, only to find my freedom curtailed by strict institutional and cultural rules. was a local shopping center in Lucknow that female students were allowed to frequent without chaperons…

Hill Tribe Mom

I still have the photo from Phu Koc,
you and your baby barefoot
at the village snack shop.
I never knew your name.

He is so precious, tiny
little man in Hello Kitty
pajamas, standing like
a conquering warrior in
miniature Ahka headdress,
its fine, colorful stitches
you spent careful weeks sewing.

I still have the picture of you